Some videos of Craig’s Magnet

Craig kindly left his magnet round my place, and a monitor rigged up to play with, so I recorded these videos. You get the idea.

The plan is probably going to rig a load of monitors all showing a screensaver like the blue grid (monochrome, to accentuate what the magnet’s doing to the electron beam).

He’s also got a plan involving a lazy susan!

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Breakout for Two

Just reminded in a chat with Katya of this great game Breakout for Two invented at Media Lab Europe. 

The game is played remotely using a video conferencing rig as a ‘glass wall’ between the players, and they bounce a ball to play breakout on a virtual grid on the imaginary glass wall.

It’s described in full here
...or check out the video

This takes the biscuit

Minority Report anyone…

The best interface demo I’ve seen in years. Full touchscreen with multiple points of contact permitting the manipulation of a 3d world of application windows and widgets through a 2d interface.

click here for the video

How much fun can you have with a spraycan and a ball of string

Just explore these videos to find out (dugg from ). Below, the video might be embedded.

Hybrid Portraits

At last Wednesday’s get together we had a look at Aude Oliva‘s Dr. Angry and Mr. Smiles illusion.

So we were wondering if we could use this in a exhibition space and create portraits of the visitors.

Here’s a first go at a self-portrait:

So if you step back from the screen you’ll see me facing to the side, come forward and I turn and smile. This need not be on a computer screen it would work equally well printed out.

So this seems to demonstrate the principle and I’m sure with more effort we could perfect it. This page show you how to do it.


Pupppet at Dorkfest

David Chatting and myself presented the Puppet at Dorkfest. It seemed to go down well with most of the people who attended although I had to climb on a table to get attention.  Having business cards for the collective would have been very useful as we met most people face to face (including artists, programmers, curators and a pupetteer from New York.)

Some interesting ideas that came out of talking to people included - putting the laptop in a box and connecting wirelessly to another (bigger) display, having more than puppet or more than one laptop with the puppets interacting or making the puppet into a Javanese shadow puppet. This last suggestion makes sense because she is currently 2d more like a shadow puppet than a marionette.


On Monday night Cefn and I went down to London to go to the dorkbotlondon February meeting and we had a really fun time!

There were probably sixty-odd people packed into an old factory not so far from Liverpool Street and we had three main speakers: Dave Griffiths (with fluxus and fastbreeder),  Tom Carden (with processing hacks and his very cool travel time tube map) and Wojciech Kosma (making art for the PSP).

There were then a bunch of “opendorks” (think open mic), including a guy talking about RFID readers and Simon Green talked about doing strange things with nvidia graphic cards.

Then Cefn took the stage and gave an overview of the Curiosity Collective - including a mime of the handcar interaction! I showed the twisted map. We had really postive reaction - which was really encouraging.

We got to hear about a bunch of interesting events too:

NODE.London is an enormous tech-art season across London in March. As part of this there’s dorkfest which I think we should think about showing at - that’s 18th & 19th March (a weekend).

The openstreetmap people are planning to map the Isle of Wight in a weekend in the Spring - which sounds like a lot of fun!



This post is about reflection. It is a sketch for an art encyclopedia prototype, which focuses on “reflection” through the history of visual art.

The physical interface is a reflective screen of some kind, where the user would be able to see himself and the artwork reflected. As he/she touches the screen, certain pieces become more visible, with some text/explanation/narrative. See some first drafts for the project (includes my self-portrait as Salvador Dali, for the inspiration!).

Extra kit

Also picked up a few extra bits and pieces. These button-lights (video below) for example could be useful for the twistedmap project. Perhaps you could push one of these 10 glowing domes to recenter the map on one of 10 pre-defined towns.

Light snapshot - click for video

Also picked up a serial cable for Dave’s Basic Stamp so it should be possible to build this kind of button array and have it control the program through the serial port to fire one of 10 towns. Then the map will morph before your very eyes!!

Check out Dave’s Balls

For those who didn’t make it to the last get-together. Here’s a picture from beneath the Huberman sphere for the swollenballs piece, with the reciprocating weight (bottle full of water) in the background.

Huberman with bottle reciprocator

Now if we can just get a servo-activated clutch and winch motor to control the lifting and sudden descent of the bottle, we’ve got it nailed.

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