Audio pipe forest

Paul and I, with the help of others have been working up some ideas for a multi-channel audio recording piece.

Pipes would hang down from the ceiling which you can both listen to and speak into. Each different pipe would carry a different channel or game.

boy listening to a pipe from the san francisco exploratorium

Many of the recordings you would expect to hear when you interacted with it are from previous visitors talking into one of the pipes. There are likely to be a lot of simultaneous channels running at one time.

Part of the joy of this piece is the spectacle we imagine if a few people are interacting with the pipes at one time, each being asked to search for a different colour pipe, shout a different thing.

There is also a nice temporal disjunction here, with people unknowingly engaging in a dialogue with someone else in the exhibit who could be there right now, or who could have been there last week.

Cornstarch is the most amazing thing

Check the videos at this page
The videos work for me with the VLC player but not the quicktime player, in case anyone has trouble seeing them.


We meet every two weeks, on Mondays - often in McGinty‘s pub in Ipswich. Our next meeting is Monday 11th August, at 8pm.

Introduce yourself on the mailing list and we may have a meeting in your honour, to find out what you’re interested in, and what you can teach us.



for next meeting

  • one object for show and tell - regale us with stories of your lucky toenail
  • one idea for an exhibit - remember not necessarily new, just something you like, and think you might be able to build with others’ help

Matt Iles

  • report back about the gallery space near Mecca Bingo


Matt Iles to investigate Mecca Bingo
Christchurch mansion a possibility?
Hayley might know of spaces or places?


Here is a load of fragments of thought which haven’t been turned into actual pieces for the upcoming preview and exhibition. Perhaps they will stimulate some new angles of thought when regurgitated.

Have things on the streets
Milgram Experiments in Ipswich
Dave’s distance and time squidgy map
Truman show - making you the centre - exhibits follow you around and respond to you
People engaging with an inocuous looking piece are actually being
projected onto the town hall.
Hot coals
The smell and sound of singing
Using glass with cam - people writing on it
Follow the white rabbit
TV which responds to being hit, or being moved - e.g. image stays still
project fur onto people
shadow puppets then system elaborates on what you’re doing with your hands
hall going back a long way, using oil, lifts with fake holes
Being in a giant’s ear.
Jane, losing clothes interactively
Own weather system
Uncomfortable interfaces
Lists of people not allowed to die.
Human Sudoku
Bitumen dripping from the ceiling super slow
Indoor blimps/balloons

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up attendance at the collective. Your enthusiasm for the collective may go down or up. By joining this collective you agree to be bound by the rules of pinch punch first of the month, and no returns, and he who smelt it dealt it. The information and material associated with the curiosity collective, and descriptions which appear, are subject to change and wild exaggeration at any time. They are provided ‘as is’, ‘as available’ and ‘as if’. No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed or statuesque, in connection with any failure of performance is accepted so ner!


Join the mailing-list by signing-up here:!forum/curiositycollective

To invite

Various people have been suggested as people we should get involved, because maybe they already know how to do some of this stuff, or could just be nice to have around - make good cups of tea, that kind of thing.

  • Veronica from CSV [invited]
  • Matt Webb - audiovisual specialist [now invited]
  • Hayley - works in design at Suffolk College and curated ‘Twisted’ at Bury [now invited - she suggested contact her boss in the Art Dept who might point us towards funding]
  • Chris Rutherford - electronics extraordinaire, just built a Tesla coil for fun - see images on his Hacking Hardware site
  • Hunkin - major player in the Southwold pier curiosities, friend of John
  • Damian - another friend of John - something to do with ventilators?
  • Andy Gower - Recognised MDF wizard
  • Paula Raffill - Photographer and Radiographer


One of the common themes which has returned again and again is showcasing weird physical phenomena and visual illusions, in common with the Victorian Curiosity theme. Below is a rough list of the phenomena which people have brought up and want to play with.

  • Cornstarch holes and fingers(cefn and dave)
  • inverted face (with back projection) this could be a piece already?(martin russ)
  • earthquake machine (martin russ)(variant of panicroom?)
  • 3d sound system (matt webb’s 6 speaker surround)
  • Tesla Coil (chris rutherford)
  • revolving room (variant of panicroom?)
  • Holbein’s the ambassadors (reb)
  • Peppers ghost phenomenon
  • Lifters
  • camera obscura

see blog entries about phenomena


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