Various working principles have been suggested, to guide what we do, and help to define a shared manifesto. Some of these are in plain contradiction, but who cares.

  • The experience is primary
  • Pieces should invite interaction and be self-explanatory/self-exploratory
  • Interactions with pieces should be childproof
  • Be inclusive - our message is for all
  • Be exclusive - keep the riff raff away
  • Invite participation from those outside the exhibition space
  • Things thinking for themselves
  • Computers should never look like computers
  • Originality is irrelevant, Shameless Rip Offs are fine, with accreditation
  • Gadgetry should be lo-tech and inexpensive


A lot of contributors feel an exhibition will be better understood, easier to present etc. if it has a theme. Various themes have been proposed. Here’s just a few. If you want yours added, then add it or just mail me and I’ll do it.

  • Curiosity
  • Superstition
  • Optical Illusions
  • Local theme (Ipswich stuff)
  • Unknown Effects (people don’t realise what their causing)
  • Dangerous democracy


Participating with the Collective

If you want to see what’s already been going on, and what we’re into, you can browse the blog.

Join us at our next meeting if you want to participate in live projects.

If you want to stay informed about what the Collective is up to, have proposals to create crazy stuff, or want to share your own knowledge about interactive artwork, then Get in touch with us.

If you want to lurk and wait for something else to happen, you can subscribe to this blog. In the meantime, follow up on some of the other relevant events listed.

Our New Show

Our new show is a collection of interactive curiosities of all shapes and sizes, with events running between Saturday 19th and Saturday 26th April 2008. Go here for full details.

Archive of Second Exhibition

Our second exhibition (7th April 2007) was a workshop format where we unveiled a number of pieces of work and also taught people to make their own. The event took place as part of the Key Arts Cobbler at St-Mary-At-The-Quay. We showed some more crazy constructions, previews for the coming year, including stuff for Ip-Art, and stuff we just fancied constructing.

You can see photos at Flickr and moving images at Youtube which cover both shows.

Stuff on show at the last event included…

  • drawing with lasers
  • dance-controlled music
  • animation machine with photo canisters, sellotape and paint rollers
  • human kaleidoscope
  • inflatable tentacle monster
  • home-made touch sensitive table
  • inverted depth-perception glasses
  • talking tapes

Archive of First Exhibition

Get Your Own! | View Slideshow

Our first exhibition has now finished (29th July through 6th August St-Mary-At-The-Quay).

There are videos and still photos showing a range of the works shown, and experiments undertaken throughout the show.

Read the press release for a historical view, or take a look at the exhibits page for an out of date but more detailed view of the kinds of things we are producing for the event.

To find out the latest activity from the live Curiosity Blog, then go here

Screensavers For The Apple Mac

If you are looking for wild Curiosity Collective screensavers, then look no further. They are here!


The Curiosity Collective is a group of enthusiasts, designers and artists working in Ipswich, UK. Many are technologists at BT’s Adastral Park Research Labs, and are seeking a fun experimental outlet for their technical skills. Other contributors are audiovisual specialists, photographers, art curators. Any enthusiastic participants who can contribute their skills are welcomed.

The aim is to fill an exhibition space with interactive curiosities, like Regeneration at St Mary’s (update: the Ipswich Artists group is negotiating for access to this space) or the Collision Collective series. These could be graphic pieces, sculptures or interactive work built on technologies such as Processing, Max MSP Jitter, PD.

Although creating Heath Robinson devices is a kind of unifying principle, there is plenty of space for other contributions from people who are not technologists. Sculpture, photography, graphic art and other more static pieces will definitely add to the mix if people want to get involved.

The presentation should overwhelm our visitors with an impression that Ipswich really is full of very interesting people after all. So we welcome suggestions for basically any kind of audio, video wiring, dynamic or static effect we can think of to deliver a distinctive experience.

See the live list of possible pieces at the Exhibits page.

See blog entries about events


Artists Impression of the Handcar exhibitHuberman with bottle reciprocator Remaining phones hanging for testClick to play movie

From the recent meeting, here are the pieces which are still going ahead, annotated by the people who are planning to contribute.

Alexey Anvar Cefn Craig Dave KatyaMartin MatthewMichal Paul SebastienTotal
Pipedreams     3002525250105
Fibredisplay     4010202090
Twistedmap     4030070
Videomontage     530201065
Swollenballs     301020565
Springthing     402060
Fridgemagnets     52503060
Realitytracking     202002060
Greatoutdoors     30101555
Cornfingers     252045
Fartgallery     03510045
Harmonograph     2020040
Killthecat     52025
Panicroom     1515
Ovaltune     0

Basically each person has been given 100 votes which they can give to any artwork they wish. So if you want to add a new person, or a new piece, or change the amount of effort you want to commit to each piece, then mail me with your votes.

Last time around

I’ve broken down the minutes of the last event into various sections matching the different ways of slicing the curiosity cake, like listing the phenomena which people want to play with, the people they want to invite, the places we could show

Each of these aspects has its own page in the sidebar, we can build on these incrementally as we go along. If you can’t edit the pages directly, then leave comments. Registration is open to all.


New blog for all our curious participants. Feel free to post your thoughts, upload your images, add links to other projects, comment on people’s contributions.

If you want to do something, but you can’t, either because the system isn’t up to it, or because you need administrative privileges, then get in touch

What is this site for?

Just a nice place to collect together the mailing list contents, minutes, links and other stuff which people think are relevant to us actually getting off our arses and building an exhibition.

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