Curiosity at the Maker Faire, 11-13 March 2011, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Things are getting busy at the Collective as we update a few of our Time Show pieces to exhibit at Maker Faire UK.  If you are a maker/crafter/hacker/enthusiast and find yourself in Newcastle between 11-13th March the faire is well worth a visit. Details of our projects below:

Curious Time


Reel to Reel - Three tape recorders share one loop of tape recording, superimposing and feeding back to create complex soundscapes. (Mike Challis)

Atmospherical Clocks - A collection of clocks which take their sense of the seconds, minutes and hours from fluctuations in atmospheric and environmental conditions, including temperature, light, air pressure, electro magnetism, sound, radioactivity. (John Bowers)

The Perfect Hindsight Machine - A one-of-a-kind device developed by the US Military in the 1950s. Combining recovered alien technology with a state of the art RF receiver, its dial can tune in to video action live from history all the way back to 1894 (Cefn Hoile and Neill Keywood)

The Interactive Eggtimer. (Cefn Hoile and Clare Bowman)


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