Curious Cubes Project

We have been discussing a new project recently, that we plan to show later in the year. The basic premise is that every piece must fit within a 300mm x 300mm x 300mm cube. The cubes should relate to each other in interesting ways. The resulting collection should be cohesive, where each contributes to the whole. So collaboration is a key principle.

We intend to run a workshop in the next few weeks to get people started prototyping some cubes, talking together and developing their ideas. Stay tuned.

Some inspiration:
The Key Arts Boxroom Show
Takara Cubee
Percussa AudioCubes


  1. StormGarelli on 17 January 2011

    It’s be fun to try to build a human video-based cube module to interface with the Cube World toy eco-system.

    i.e. a cube-shaped monitor that plays appropriate video clips of a room containing a real person.  The aim would be to attach real Cube World modules to the top, bottom, left, and right of the monitor, and then as the Cube World stick man decides to move across into the monitor cube, the stick man would transform into the human who would do one of a repertoire of an activities before moving back into one of the other Cube World cubes and transforming back into the stick man.

    It’d just run itself like the real Cube Word cubes do. I imagine it would be quite fascinating to watch.

    It’d be dependent on reverse engineering the Cube World interface spec (which can’t be that hard to work out).


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