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From the recent meeting, here are the pieces which are still going ahead, annotated by the people who are planning to contribute.

Alexey Anvar Cefn Craig Dave KatyaMartin MatthewMichal Paul SebastienTotal
Pipedreams     3002525250105
Fibredisplay     4010202090
Twistedmap     4030070
Videomontage     530201065
Swollenballs     301020565
Springthing     402060
Fridgemagnets     52503060
Realitytracking     202002060
Greatoutdoors     30101555
Cornfingers     252045
Fartgallery     03510045
Harmonograph     2020040
Killthecat     52025
Panicroom     1515
Ovaltune     0

Basically each person has been given 100 votes which they can give to any artwork they wish. So if you want to add a new person, or a new piece, or change the amount of effort you want to commit to each piece, then mail me with your votes.


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