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We are delighted to present Curiosity Collective IN the windows, at the Age UK Furniture Shop, formerly the Ipswich & Norwich Co-operative Society department store. We will be IN the windows between Monday 2nd and Saturday 7th March, come and meet us in the shop between 11am and 1pm on Saturday. It’s free.

This is our tenth show in Ipswich since we formed in 2005. The pieces on show include works developed as a part of Flashlight on the Winter Solstice, these were further developed and shown at the Maker Faire UK. We also present new works shown for the first time.

Pamela Harling-Challis
Gestures is a collection of photos made using BlackBox, a tool [constructed from corrugated plastic, tape, lycra tights, chopsticks, LED battery light strings] developed to make long exposure light photographs in small, warm, light spaces. BlackBox is a place where darkness is scaled down and made portable.

Mike Challis and Ross Scrivener
Persistence, individually controllable RGB LEDs spin around like a prayer wheel creating ever moving spiralling patterns by manually turning the handle.  Materials:  bike wheel, Arduino, controllable LED strips.

Mike Challis and Ross Scrivener
This GlowBox is a prototype version of the box we made for Brian Eno. The final boxes are being installed in hospitals in chill out spaces to relax patients and staff. The LEDs change colour with time and the three strands interact to create complex patterns of colour that are continually changing. Driven by an Arduino the box is robust- it works just by turning it on – but the code has parameters to change the speed of each loop and control the colours that are traversed.

Slit Scan Camera
Ross Scrivener
Slit Scan Camera works by taking a picture of one very small area of space (a vertical line 1 pixel wide), then moving the ‘film’ along 1 pixel and taking another picture on the line next to it, eventually over time we build up an image of one small area of space over a long period of time. This is similar to how finishing line photos are taken in sprint races at sporting events, but much, much, faster!

All Things Electric
David Chatting and John Benton
All Things Electric is a playful interactive window display where touching sensors on the glass causes objects in a living room scene to spring to life. What are the limits of our desire to electrify and control? Using capacitive sensing with a modified Ototo musical invention kit and servo motors.

Happiness Dispersed
Angela McLellan
Happiness Dispersed is a collection of prisms and crystals designed to create rainbows. Natural light is one thing that definitely makes us happier and, why not create something simply to make people feel better? The way the crystals split (disperse) the light allows us to see the spectrum of coloured natural light, a rainbow. This is something that can be created without much technology at all, I urge you to have a go using your own windows if you like the effects.


We are pleased to be able to show these as part of The Windows Project with thanks to Cad Taylor. Publicity design by Amanda Gower.

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