Maker Faire UK 2014


We were back at the Maker Faire in Newcastle for our forth time - we were there at the first in 2009 with our proverbs, we walked in 2010, showed the Time Show in 2011 and this year we brought new pieces from Flashlight.

Slit scan camera (Ross Scrivener)
This camera takes pictures of time, not space. It captures a very small area of space but does so over a long period of time. By moving slowly against the edge of the frame, watch as your body morphs in fascinating ways.

Langtons Ants (Ross Scrivener)
A fully deterministic cellular automata touring machine.

Persistence (Mike Challis and Ross Scrivener)
Individually controllable RGB LEDs spin around like a prayer wheel creating interesting patterns.

GlowBox (Mike Challis and Ross Scrivener)
This GlowBox is a prototype of the box we made for Brian Eno. The final boxes will be installed in Hospitals in chill-out spaces to relax patients and staff.
The LEDs change colour with time and the three strands interact to create complex patterns of colour that are continually changing.

Black Box+ (Pamela Harling-Challis)
Flash Light was the inspiration for Black Box+ where darkness is scaled down and made portable. In the darkened world it becomes possible to stay warm and work in light spaces making long exposure photograph using moving light fixtures. The photographs have been edited and become films, flip-books and sculptural boxes.


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