1. dave on 31 August 2005

    I’m not sure whether this is a “principle”, but where possible it’d be nice to Open Source (or Creative Common) the pieces whether that be artwork, source code or construction plans. Ultimately this should be up to the individual contributors, but there may be ways we can support this through the website, etc.

    What do you think?

  2. dave on 31 August 2005

    I think we might need to discuss the “be exclusive” a little more!

    I think we’ll need to work harder on the “be inclusive”, than we will on “be exclusive”.

  3. dave on 31 August 2005

    I’d like to see something about “engineers can do art”, “artists can do engineering” - you can do whatever you have a curiosity for…

  4. cefn on 31 August 2005

    As a contributor I’d be very happy to open up what I do to the wider world through Open Source or Creative Commons licensing.
    As site admin, I’m also happy to offer up whatever support people may need to achieve this. Mostly you can do it through sourceforge, like the biomas thing and through off the shelf licensing.

  5. martinsan on 14 September 2005

    Open Source and Creative Commons are a good way of contributing - rather like the excellent Tom’s Hardware Guide is for computer hardware explorations (hardware hacking) - or maybe Scrapheap Challenge for computers.

  6. cefn on 14 September 2005

    On this theme, you might like the URL Chris has for his site, linked to Tesla resources etc.

    Let’s hope I can do hyperlinks now!

  7. Craig on 14 September 2005

    As an example of my take on the inclusive / exclusive issue the last big project in this country that set out to be inclusive was the Millenium Dome - did anybody think that was a success?

    If we try to please everybody we will please nobody… thats all I meant.

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