Curiosity Collective Rewound

Curiosity Collective Rewound - poster design: Amanda Gower

Curiosity Collective Rewound was held at the Ancient House Gallery, Ipswich between Monday 11th and Saturday 16th July 2011 - a free public exhibition of interactive curiosities on the theme of time.

This Evening Star article reviews the show and our story.

The Perfect Hindsight Machine - Cefn Hoile and Neill Keywood
A one-of -kind device developed by the US Military in the 1950s. Combining recovered alien technology with a state of the art RF receiver, it’s dial can tune into video action live from history all the way back to 1894.

Sands Everything - Cefn Hoile and Clare Bowman
An interactive digital hourglass, showing the seven ages of man through audio visual grains of sand.

The Tortoise and the Hare - Tom Juby
Two balls roll down an identical slope at different speeds.

Re-Possession - Angela McLellan
This piece was inspired by the rituals surrounding endings. A selection of items that have come to the end of their life with me, can they begin a new life with you?

Atmospherical Clocks - John Bowers
A collection of clocks which take their sense of the seconds, minutes and hours from fluctuations in atmospheric and environmental conditions including temperature, light, air pressure, electro-magnetism, sound and radioactivity.

Canto VII - Melanie Zimmermann
Realised using a Camera Obscura, better known as a Pinhole Camera. This ancient style of photography works without lenses. The camera is a simple box with a tiny hole, allowing the entering light to expose the film. Inspired by the works of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri my images should realise the beauty of the long lost memories of a different time and place, memories of Dante’s Paradise.

Reel to Reel - Mike Challis
Three tape recorders share one loop of tape and the operator can record sounds onto this loop. Sounds can be superimposed and feedback used to create complex soundscapes. The Elizabethan and the Robuk recorders belonged to Mike’s grandmother and the Garrard to his mother. They are about 50 years old now. The Akai is Mike’s from the 70s. He says “I thought it was normal to have a grandmother with a reel to reel recorder and this influence probably provided the seed for my sound work today.”

Weir(d) - Mike Challis
Exploring the strange world of weirs. The moving, but timeless, sometimes seemingly in stasis world of water flowing over a weir and the sounds of the turbulence in the pool beneath recorded underwater using hydrophones. Hypnotic, strange, Weir(d). Recorded during a walk of four days from Newmarket to Manningtree, the material begins at the ‘source’ of the Stour at Kirtling Green Pumping Station and then continues at various weirs on the Stour as it makes its way to the sea.

360 Degrees of the Year - Ross Mackenzie and David Chatting
A series of photographic prints summarising a year of daylight in different locations in the world.

train_clock - David Chatting
train_clock shows how the “shape” of the UK changes over th day with the coming and going of trains from Ipswich. Each of the “stars” is a different town, where it’s size reflects the population. As time passes, towns move closer as a train is about to arrive and spring back when it leaves.

At the exact moment - John Benton
Disasters are often marked by the recovery of stopped clocks that show the exact moment that the disaster happened.This piece takes an everyday annoyance - in this case running out of chocolate biscuits - and gives it unwarranted status by smashing a clock.

We are grateful to our hosts at Lakeland.

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