The Curiosity Collective @ Maker Faire

There’s much activity right now as we prepare the Curiosity Collective’s exhibit for the first UK Maker Faire in Newcastle this weekend (14th &15th March).


We’ve got a whole bunch of projects to share with people, including five proverbs from our forewarned is forearmed show: A Watched Pot Never Boils, Curiosity Killed the Cat, The Grass is Always Greener, Medicine Man and the Perverbator! All are interactive and playful interpretations of proverbs. In addition we’ll have iPhore, the semaphore interface for text-messaging and some of our other old favourites; such as the the zoetrope.

All of our projects demonstrate a range of tools, techniques and influences. These include Arduinos, RFID, computer vision (OpenFrameworks), PD and the Pepper’s Ghost illusion.


  1. sweavo on 16 March 2009

    Hey there. I was the guy who drums… we mutually almost recognized each other. 

    I thought the grass is greener deserved some kind of prize for its combination of genius and simplicity. The only thing that came close in coolness was the mechanical lunar lander game.

  2. Dave on 04 May 2009

    Hey sweavo - thanks very much indeed - the Grass is Greener is from the brain of Cefn Hoile -

    We’re currently perfecting the perverbial pieces for shows this summer.

    Yes, I loved Iain Sharp’s Lunar Lander too.

    Do you have a website we can link to?


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