the Curious show

the Curious show

We’ve all been busy getting ready for our third show in Ipswich next week, at St Mary’s at the Quay, Key Street.

We’ve got a really good line-up with lots of news stuff to share with the world:

1. iPhore - Cefn Hoile
Re-imagining of semaphore messages using web-cams and computer vision.
2. Two Wind-up Sculptures - Jonathan Clift
Simple visual puzzles from hacked consumer items.
3. Pixelh8 - Matthew Applegate
Chip-tune musician.
4. train_clock - David Chatting
How transport systems reshape the country. A clock showing the time to travel by train to destinations in the UK from Ipswich.
5. Laser Tag - Graffiti Labs (demonstrated by Tom Juby)
Non-destructive virtual graffiti.
6. Video Feedback - Martin Russ and Cefn Hoile
Emergent imagery from only a camera and a projector.
7. Touch Table - Tom Juby
Multi-touch tabletop.
8. Approaching Years - Craig McCahill
A hybrid portrait which appears to age as you come closer.
9. art is… some theory found on the Internet - Jonathan Clift
Definitions of art scavenged from a well-known search engine.
10. One Pixel Webcam - David Chatting
A view of the changing sky.
11. Bubble Machine - David Chatting, Craig McCahill and Robert Lenne
Leave a message for Bubbles!

Here’s the full programme for the week…
download the poster - designed by Jon Sutton

Saturday 19th
Talk: The Curiosity Collective (7:30pm until 9:30pm)
Things kick off with the opening of the show and a talk about us; what we’ve been doing over the past nearly three years, what we want to do in the future and why we’re doing it.

Sunday 20th
Workshop: How to Solder (3pm until 4:30pm)
Interested in trying-out electronic projects, but put-off by soldering? We’ll show you how to get great results.

We will provide a soldering iron, solder and all the things you need to get going for the afternoon. We ask you to bring a small kit you would like to build, such as those available from Maplin or Rapid Electronics. Typically these are less than ten pounds. Battery powered projects only please.

There are limited spaces available, please contact david dot chatting at mac dot com by Saturday 19th to confirm your space.

Monday 21st
Closed to the public

Tuesday 22nd
Closed to the public

Wednesday 23rd
Workshop: Pixelh8’s Chiptune music (6pm until 7:30pm)

Thursday 24th
Open (4pm until 9:30pm)

Friday 25th
Private viewing (4pm until 9:30pm)
Reception from nightfall, about 7:30pm!

Saturday 26th
Open (12 noon until 9:30pm)


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