the dark show

the dark show
(poster design by Jon Sutton - download)

We are delighted to announce the Curiosity Collective’s dark show, Friday 15th to Sunday 17th January 2010.

Friday - Open at nightfall (5pm) until 9pm, reception at 7:30pm
Saturday - 5pm to 9pm
Sunday - 4pm to 6pm, talk by the artists at 4pm
Free admission

The setting is the mediaeval St Mary-at-the-Quay Church, in the heart of Ipswich’s historic dock area, where the creations of the Curiosity Collective will be at play after dark.

Using a mixture of sound and light, our technological curiosities will delight, surprise and perhaps confound. Allowing the visitor to experience this atmospheric space in new ways.

We anticipate it being pretty cold, so please wrap-up warm.

The dark show will be our sixth exhibition in Ipswich since we emerged in 2005.

With thanks again to our friends at Key Arts for the use of the space.

St Mary-at-the-Quay is ten minutes walk from the bus and train stations, with nearby parking available (map).

Darknoise - John Bowers & Angela McLellan
Sounds produced, heard and understood in the dark - of the dark, about the dark, from the dark.

Bubble Machine - David Chatting, Craig McCahill & Robert Lenne
A child’s toy modified to be triggered when a torch illuminates it in the dark making bubbles.

Can you keep it up in the dark? - Matthew C. Applegate
LED lights inside balloons. Challenging adults to play like children.

Inflatable Sculpture - Tom Juby & David Chatting
Explores the use of light and air to create an illusion of life.

Drawing in Light - David Chatting & Tom Juby
Drawing with light pens in the air, computer vision simulating a long exposure photograph.

(de)construction - Tom Juby & David Chatting
Reprojection of an old photograph back into the space, interacting with computer generated objects.

Laser Light - Tom Juby
Laser shins through a rotating lumia wheel to generate interference patterns.

Cock Robin - Angela McLellan & John Bowers
Cock Robin is a natural sound observation experiment of this active night songbird.

Reflections in Cider - David Chatting
An interactive video mirror made from 64 cider bottles.

Lunula - Mike Challis
In Lunula a culture of living Pyrocystis Lunula algae in seawater create their own light when agitated by sound waves.

Trickle Down - Jonathan Clift
An animation of LEDs light trickling down the wall, reflecting on economic theory.

The Cube - Chris Reason
Make a path through the EL wire maze.

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