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The Curiosity Collective are delighted to announce together_apart at the Atrium Studios, Ipswich, Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April 2013.

Proximity and synchronicity, physically and emotionally. Experiments in art and technology, together and apart.

The Slotin Incident - John Benton
On 21 May 1946, with seven colleagues watching, Slotin performed an experiment that involved the creation of one of the first steps of a fission reaction by placing two half-spheres of beryllium around a plutonium core. The upper beryllium hemisphere fell, causing a “prompt critical” reaction and a burst of hard radiation. This work reconstructs the position of each scientist in the room and reveals their fate.

Pendulums - John Benton

Distant Drums - Mike Challis
Two drums connected by microphones and transducers to provide a feedback loop. Hit one drum and the other plays after a delay, then the first, then the second and so on.

Conductable - Mike Challis with Ed Perkins
A five player flexible musical instrument. Originally created for Aldeburgh Music as part of the Aldeburgh World Orchestra 2012.

Drifters - David Chatting
Two balloons drift together and apart. Each reacting to the other with illumination. The molecules of helium within will shortly escape the Earth’s atmosphere, apart forever. Arduino, computer vision, meteorological weather balloons, helium. Work in progress.

Empty Premises - Amanda Gower

We are held together by more than we imagine… - Pamela Harling-Challis
Wood, glass, paper, ink, epoxy, metal powder, wire mesh, gilt cream, vegetation, images, words.

Goodbye Cibachrome - Tim Hunkin
Cibachrome, also called Ilfochrome, was a chemical process for producing colour photos. It went out of production in 2011. About fifteen years ago, I used the process a lot to take portraits of my friends with my ‘roadsign’ camera. Now its obsolete, I felt sad that I’d never videoed the process of taking the photos. So using fresh developer for ordinary black and white photos, I tried one last time with my old stock and miraculously it just about worked.

Exploded Object - Tom Jennings

Which Cuntree are you from? - Kerry McCarthy
A sculpture representing the four corners of the world, uniting the global community.

Friday - reception 7pm to 10pm
Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm, tea and talk with the artists at 3pm
Free entry

Atrium Studios, West Building, University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich. IP4 1QJ (map)

together_apart is our ninth show in Ipswich since we were formed in 2005.

Publicity design by Amanda Gower. If you would be kind enough to help promote the event, here’s our poster and flyer.

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