The train_clock is a project I’ve been working on for a while now. The clock shows how the “shape” of the UK changes over the day with the coming and going of trains from Ipswich. Each of the “stars” is a different town, where its size reflects the population. As time passes towns move closer as a train is about to arrive and spring back when it leaves. This uses real timetable data from one day in October 2007. See how at 5am York is “closer” than Cromer:

train_clock 5am

To try the interactive Processing version go here.

An animation of the 24 hour sequence was shown at the Key Arts Video Showcase and this is now available on youtube. The sound track I used is Stellar Music No. 1 by Jenõ Keuler and Zoltán Kolláth, composed from samples of star radiation.

train_clock evolved from my Ipswich-to-Everywhere map, which distorted the UK according to driving times from Ipswich. I’d really like to hear where you think I could take this next. Mark has previously suggested making it into a physical sculpture - I think that’s really interesting.



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