WAG - Regeneration

The Wolsey Art Gallery (WAG) has converted St Mary-at-the-Quay in Ipswich into gallery space during its renovation.  I visited it on Saturday and experienced a number of installations including video and sound art. 

The exhibition is called Regeneration and is open until the 17th September here is the link:-


I felt that although the pieces were interesting in themselves they failed to make optimum use of the space ( i.e. few concessions were made to the fact it was a church nave and not a white cube space.)  I would have also liked to see them exploit the the unifying theme of regeneration more.

However having said that it certainly well worth a visit and I think the location is a good one (by the docks; central but not in a shopping centre.)
If we could achieve something at least equal to this I for one would be pleased.


  1. akopa on 15 September 2005

    One note on materials and sound: very inspired by Ann Hamilton’s installations.

    Besides all kinds of other themes, the rags consuming the sound is a very expressive thought.

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